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Acting – Movement – Stage Combat 

Workshop for Singers

This comprehensive performance workshop emphasizes the necessary skills in acting, movement and stage combat needed to help young singers develop into complete stage artists. So often a singer's training focuses on vocal technique first. The other necessary aspects of their craft in acting and movement becomes secondary. I have found stage combat to be an excellent part of a singer's training. It allows them to better understand their body movement; while building concentration, discipline in safety and essential stage partnering skills. It has been in my experience, that all these components must go hand in hand in order for the performer to build their entire instrument.


These workshops are a perfect companion to any college, university or young artist program's curriculum. I offer many different workshop packages based on your program’s budget and needs. The basic workshop is

2 days. I also offer more in depth 3 and 5 day workshops.


Individual training sessions are also available for singer that are not currently enrolled in a training program.


Contact me for rates and availability.


2 Day Workshop

Acting – ½ day (3 hours)

Movement ½ day (3 hours)

Stage Combat – 1 full day (6 hours)

3 Day Workshop

Acting – 1 full day (6 hours)

Movement – 1 full day (6 hours)

Stage Combat – 1 full day (6 hours)

5 day Workshop

Acting – 2 full days (12 hours)

Movement – 1 full day (6 hours)

Stage Combat – 2 full days (12 hours)

SOARS_Figaro Rehearsal


  • Each session begins with warm up

  • Acting Fundamentals

  • Theater Games and Acting Exercises

  • Improvisation

  • Building a Character

  • Working with the Body's Emotional Centers 

  • Working with Text

  • Arias

  • Scenes



  • Each session begins with warm up

    Movement Fundamentals

  • Laban Movement Quality Exercises

  • Animal Exercises

  • Age Exercises

  • Leading Center Exercises

  • Building a Character through Movement

  • Period Style Movement



  • Each session begins with warm up

  • The Fundamentals of Stage Combat and Safety

  • Unarmed Combat (Basic Workshop)

  • Fight Choreography Basics

     Extended Workshop Weapons

  • Rapier and Dagger

  • Knife

  • Broadsword

  • Quarterstaff

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