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To see the progress of a student who usually comes to me with no stage fighting experience develop into a qualified fighter is rewarding on many levels.


Whether I am teaching actors to fight for film or the stage, to me the most important part of my job is to help the actor find the fighter in their character.


In a production, characters don't walk alike or talk alike, why should they fight alike. I begin with the foundation of technique: making sure they know all the proper movement and choreography. Then we work on character analysis to develop the actor into a complete theatrical fighter.


I teach one on one or group workshops. I offer training in Unarmed Combat and many weapons styles such as Rapier and Dagger, Broadsword, Quarterstaff, Unconventional Weapons, and Basic Stunts. 


If you are interested in training with me or booking me for a workshop, please contact me for rates and availability.

During SOARS 2016 I also had some stage combat experience, a new thing for me, and the way Nick worked with us was truly amazing - he understood that we were all learning a new thing, but still pushed us so we could give our best. I never knew a short fight scene needed so much preparation!

- Lauren Corcoran, student, Bay View Music Festival SOARS Program

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