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Throughout my career, I have always tried to find new ways to express my creativity through storytelling. Like an endless river with many streams, my creativity keeps flowing and evolving. As you will see from my website I have explored several different artistic endeavors. Whether it was through directing, writing, performing, or design, I used all of the mediums to tell a story.


I always strive to maintain a constant flow of creativity. I have been heavily influenced by many artists in music, film, theater, and design. My artistic journey began as a bass player and studying music in college. Later, I shifted towards film and theater and worked as an actor and fight choreographer for a few decades. My love for music and sound led me into my next career phase of sound design and audio post-production. After gaining extensive knowledge and experience in the creative arts, I felt a natural progression towards directing, scenic design, and writing. As a director and writer, I enjoyed conceiving and presenting a complete story to the audience. While creating scenic designs for many productions, I started exploring visual art and how it conveys a story. Graphic design has been my latest creative exploration.

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My primary objective is to create artistic experiences that transcend boundaries through unconventional thinking, and innovative design projects that are immersive and influential in all industries. To utilize my many years of diverse experience, skills, and interests as a multidisciplinary artist in theater, film and music to enhance my skills as a graphic designer. To join a creative team that envisions and implements new ways of positively impacting the viewer’s experience and provokes limitless imagination.

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